Size: 110 – 125 feet
Weight: 40 tons
Habitat: Two of these can spawn anywhere in the map


Supersaurus was a large sauropod that existed in the late Jurassic period. One of the largest dinosaurs of all time, Supersaurus was 110 – 125 feet long and weighed an estimated 40 tons. It had a very long tail that it probably used to fend off potential predators, although considering its size an adult Supersaurus would have been too powerful to be preyed on.

In Game

Supersaurus is the largest and most powerful creature in Pangaea. One of the three boss creatures in the game, Supersaurus is different from other bosses in that it will not actively hunt other players but it is extremely territorial and will not tolerate any other creatures in its domain. It does insane amounts of damage and can kill most creatures in the game in one strike. However, its attack speed is very slow and it is quite sluggish in its movements. With careful planning and coordination, Supersaurus can be taken down by groups of carnivores and once down it will provide food for days.