Bellow are the biomes which you can explore in Aldian of Ancients


A small but lush biome hidden between the ancient woods, hushed forests and grand river. An ideal habitat for any creature as there will be

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Sunken Biome

The primary habitat of the playable amphibians. It can be found under any body of water including the grand river, swamps, lakes etc. Characterized by

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The Grasslands

The largest biome in the game, the grasslands are large open areas with lots of food and water. This biome is suited for large herds

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Hushed Forests

 A densely vegetated biomes that is the perfect habitat for the lower tier creatures. It contains a large number of caves and lots of undergrowth.

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Ancient Woods

The second largest biome in the game, filled with large trees and terrain formations. This is the ideal habitat for the biggest herbivores in the

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The Carnian Swamps

By far the most dangerous of the biomes, the carnian swamps houses some of the deadliest predators in the game. Furthermore, except for a select

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