Size: 39 – 46 Feet
Weight: 5 – 7 Tons
Habitat: Grand River, Carnian Swamps


A recently discovered carnivorous spinosauroid, Oxalaia was the largest known therapod from Brazil. A generalist carnivore, Oxalaia was named after the African deity, Oxala. Sadly, not much is known about this beast as all of its fossil remains were destroyed in a fire at the national history museum in Brazil.

Paleo Chronicles

Oxalaia was first discovered in 2004 and it is estimated to be the second largest member in the Spinosauridae family after Spinosaurus. It attained lengths of 39 – 46 feet and weighed between 5 – 7 tons. It had a generalist diet and likely preyed on anything it could get hold of.

In Game Attributes

The largest predator in its class, Oxalaia is a semi aquatic predator that can hunt both fish and terrestrial prey effectively. Smaller and faster than the Spinosaurus, Oxalaia can dive underwater but only for very short time periods. Like Spinosaurus it is unaffected by the speed debuff in the Carnian swamps and functions as the second largest predator of the biome. It has the highest health in its class and can inflict decent damage with its claws. It is the slowest in its class and its large size and sail can make it difficult to stay out of sight.

Preferred Biomes

  • Grand River
  • Carnian Swamps