Size: 39 – 43 Ft
Weight: 6 – 13 Tonnes
Habitat: Grasslands, Anywhere with large open areas


One of the largest members of the Carcharodonotosauridae family, Giganotosaurus was a swift
predator with a powerful bite. Estimated to be larger than the Tyrannosaurus, it was an apex
predator of its time that preyed on anything smaller than itself, including small sauropods.
Giganotosaurus had the longest skull of any therapod, filled with jagged teeth that could leave
deep cuts and gnashes in its prey. Combining speed and power, Giganotosaurus is a serious
threat for any creature in Pangaea.

Paleo Chronicles
Thriving in the late Cretaceous, Giganotosaurus was a large therapod with an estimated length
of 39 – 43 feet and weighing anywhere between 6 – 13 tons. It is speculated to be the fastest
among the larger therapods with a maximum speed of 50 kmph. It had serrated teeth and is
estimated to have a powerful bite albeit with a bite force lower than the Tyrannosaurus.
Giganotosaurus has been proposed to be a homeotherm that would have enabled it to attain
faster growth rates.

In Game Attributes
Giganotosaurus takes the role of the agile predator in its class. The fastest member in its class,
Giganotosaurus utilizes its speed and powerful bite to bring down large prey. They also have
the ability to inflict the infection status on its prey where continuous slashes will drain a
percentage of their health overtime. Giganotosaurus has lower health than other apexes and it
needs to be in a pack to take full advantage of its perks.

Preferred Biomes
– Grasslands
– Anywhere with large open areas