Size: 8 feet
Weight: 90 kilograms
Habitat: Hushed Forests, Ancient Woods, Carnian Swamps


Dracorex is a highly controversial species of Pachycephalosauridae that supposedly lived in the Cretaceous period. It has been debated whether it is a separate species or the juvenile stage of the Pachycephalosaurus. Known from just the skull and several vertebrae, Dracorex is poorly understood and its origin and existence are still in question.

Paleo Chronicles

Dracorex was very small, growing about 8 feet long and weighing around 90 kilograms. Dracorex had a distinctive skull with short spikes and bumps. It was heavily armored and might have been used to ram predators.

In Game Attributes

Dracorex is one of the smallest and weakest playable creatures in the game. However, it does a respectable amount of damage and is quite fast as well. Its small size enables it to inhabit caves and densely vegetated areas with ease. It has very low health and should actively avoid confrontations with predators.

Preferred Biomes

  • Hushed Forests
  • Ancient Woods
  • Carnian Swamps