Size: 16 – 21 Feet
Weight: Around 500 Kilograms
Habitat: Ancient Woods, Hushed Forests


Utahraptor is one of the largest members in its family, Dromaeosaurinae and is one of the most well known and popular dinosaurs. They were highly developed predators that took on and brought down prey larger than itself.

Paleo Chronicles

Utahraptor lived in the early Cretaceous and was around 16 – 21 feet in length and weighed around 500 kilograms. They probably had binocular vision and an excellent sense of smell. They had an excellent bite force and used it jaws to bring down prey. It had a large curved claw in each of its hindlegs that might have been used to tear flesh. It was probably an ambush predator that was capable of short bursts of speed.

In Game Attributes

Utahraptor is an ambush predator that can dish out high damage. It is well adapted to living in forested areas which it can use to its advantage in ambushing prey.

Preferred Biomes

  • Ancient Woods
  • Hushed Forests