Size: 40 – 43 Ft
Weight: 6 – 15 Tonnes
Habitat: Ancient Woods, Grand River


Perhaps the most well-known dinosaur in the world, Tyrannosaurus was the largest member in
its family, Tyrannosauridae. Tyrannosaurus is believed to be both an active hunter and a
scavenger and it is estimated to have the largest bite force amongst all terrestrial creatures.
The T – rex plays the role of the stalker and ambush apex, capable of dishing out high damage
and short bursts of speeds to accentuate its role in Pangaea.

Paleo Chronicles
Tyrannosaurus lived in the late Cretaceous period and was one of the largest predators of its
time. It is estimated to measure 40 – 43 feet in length and weighed 6 – 15 tons. It was heavily
built with large jaws and a long, thick tail. Its forelimbs were very small but they were
comparatively powerful in proportion to their size. Tyrannosaurus had adaptations that made it
both a scavenger and hunter and scientists tend to believe that it was proficient in both. Recent
studies have also suggested that Tyrannosaurus was capable of attaining short bursts of speed
and had a potential top speed of 27 – 35 kmph. Tyrannosaurus also had an excellent sense of
smell and keen vision. It is proposed that using its well-developed senses it could detect
carcasses from great distances.

In Game Attributes
Tyrannosaurus is mainly a stalker/ambush predator that deals the highest damage in its class. It
is capable of attaining great speeds for a short period of time which it uses to take down prey
from an ambush. It can also detect carcasses from greater distances and can tackle prey with its
body which can temporarily throw them of balance. The tyrannosaurus is the second slowest of
the apexes and it runs out of energy faster than the others in its class as well.

Preferred Biomes
– Ancient Woods
– Grand River