Size: 30 Feet
Weight: 5 – 7 Tons
Habitat: Grand River, Grasslands, Ancient Woods


Stegosaurus was the largest member of its family, Stegosauridae and it is one of the most recognizable dinosaurs. Distinctive for its back plates and spikes, it lived in the lye Jurassic period.

Paleo Chronicles

Stegosaurus was very large and it was about the size of a bus. Measuring 30 feet long, it weighed 5 – 7 tons. It had a very unusual posture where its tail was held very high while its head was held just about 3.5 feet from the ground. Stegosaurus had back plates that were used either in courting or thermoregulation. The tail spikes which are called the thagomizer were normally used in defense from predators like Allosaurus. It had a small head in proportion to its body and had a very small brain.

In Game Attributes

Stegosaurus deals a lot of damage and it can cause the Bleed side effect as well. They have respectable health and stamina. They are the second slowest in its class but they can move at respectable speeds.

Preferred Biomes

  • Grand River
  • Grasslands
  • Ancient Woods