Size: 49 – 51Ft
Weight: 9 – 20 Tonnes
Habitat: Carnian Swamps, Grand River


Spinosaurus is the largest known carnivorous dinosaur known to have existed. Thriving in the
mid Cretaceous period, Spinosaurus had a generalist diet, preying on both fish as well as
terrestrial prey. Taking the role of the semi – aquatic apex, Spinosaurus is a formidable
opponent with a large health pool and good damage.

Paleo Chronicles
Spinosaurus was the largest member in its group, aptly named Spinosauridae and its upper size
estimates suggest a length of 49 – 51 feet and a weight of 9 – 20 tons. The characteristic
feature of the Spinosaurus was its large neural spines which formed a large sail or hump on its
back. The exact functions of the spines are still unknown but it has been speculated to help in
either courting or thermoregulation. The forearms of the Spinosaurus was well developed with
large claws which it likely used in predation as its jaws were designed for grasping. Recently, it
has been discovered that Spinosaurus could not dive underwater and likely hunted along the
riverbanks or in shallow waters.

In Game Attributes
Spinosaurus is the largest and most powerful predator in Pangaea. With lots of health and more
than one attack type, the Spinosaurus is a challenge for most of the creatures that enter its
domain. Lurking around the swamps and rivers, Spinosaurus can swim faster than others in its
class and it is not affected by the speed debuff in the Carnian swamps. However, the
Spinosaurus is very slow and its damage is lower than the members in its class.

Preferred Biomes
– Carnian Swamps
– Grand River