Size: 48 – 54 Feet
Weight: 16 Tons
Habitat: Grand River, Ancient Woods, Grasslands


Shantungosaurus was probably the largest non-sauropod dinosaur that ever existed. It was the largest hadrosaur and lived in China in the late Cretaceous period.

Paleo Chronicles

Shantungosaurus was 48 – 54 feet long and would have weighed up to 16 tons at its heaviest. Its jaws had more than 1,500 chewing teeth and a large tail to balance its weight. Not much is known about this species as only 5 incomplete skeletons have been recovered so far. It probably would have communicated via loud sounds made by the large hole near the nostrils.

In Game Attributes

Shantungosaurus has a lot of health which is offset by having the lowest damage in its class. They are however quite fast and has pretty good stamina as well.  They should always move around in groups to lessen the chances of predation.

Preferred Biomes

  • Grand River
  • Ancient Woods
  • Grasslands