Size: 9 – 11 feet
Weight: 1 ton
Habitat: Hushed Forests, Grand River, Carnian Swamps, Ancient Woods


Scutosaurus is an early pareiasaur that lived in the late Permian. A heavily armored herbivore, Scutosaurus were distant ancestors of modern turtles.

Paleo Chronicles

Scutosaurus was 9 – 11 feet long and weighed almost one ton. To support its weight it had thick, powerful limbs that were positioned directly beneath its body. Scutosaurus was heavily armored with their backs covered with hard bony plates. It had a thick skeletal structure covered with powerful muscles. They probably had an excellent sense of smell as well.

In Game Attributes

Scutosaurus’ armor is its main advantage, as it takes reduced damage from predators. It has lots of health and decent damage. It is very sluggish and is vulnerable to fast carnivores and upper tier predators. It is also unaffected by the speed debuff in the Carnian swamps.

Preferred Biomes

  • Hushed Forests
  • Grand River
  • Carnian Swamps
  • Ancient Woods