Size: 6 feet long. Wingspan: 23 – 25 feet
Weight: 90 kilograms
Habitat: Global


Pteranodons are a species of Pterosaurs from the late Cretaceous period. They are probably the most well-known and researched species within their family with more than 1200 specimens unearthed over the years.

Paleo Chronicles

They were some of the largest flying animals ever discovered with a body length of 6 feet and a wingspan of 23 – 25 feet. They mainly hunted fish and are thought to have been able to immerse its head and neck underwater to snatch unsuspecting prey. They had a characteristic crest that many blood vessels, mainly in males, that were likely used in courting. They also flew in a pattern similar to modern Albatrosses which was mainly comprised of gliding and soaring with occasional bursts of rapid flapping.

In Game Attributes

Pteranodons are the largest flyers in Pangaea and they mainly prey on fish, Sordes and juveniles of lower tier dinosaurs. They can glide along the surface of water and snatch fish from the surface with ease. They do very little damage and has very low health so they should avoid combat with anything stronger than itself. They can nest on top of large trees and rock formations to avoid predation.

Preferred Biomes

  • Anywhere on the map