Size: 28 – 33 feet
Weight: 2 tons
Habitat: Carnian Swamps, Grand River


The largest amphibian that ever roamed the planet, Prionosuchus lived in the Permian era. Shaped like a crocodile with long narrow jaws, it is thought to be an ambush hunter like modern crocodilians.

Paleo Chronicles

Prionosuchus was gigantic with a length of 28 – 33 feet and weighing up to 2 tons. It had more than 60 razor sharp teeth in its jaws and likely preyed on anything in its domain. It was an ambush hunter due its small limbs that would have made it slow on land.

In Game Attributes

Prionosuchus is one the largest predators that stalks the water ways in Pangaea. It has a large amount of health and decent damage. It is a very fast swimmer but it is slow on land. It can only nest in water and is vulnerable to predation in its juvenile stages.

Preferred Biomes

  • Carnian Swamps
  • Grand River