Size: 16 – 18 Feet
Weight: 500 – 700 Kilograms
Habitat: Hushed Forests, Grasslands, Ancient Woods


Monolophosaurus lived in the middle Jurassic period that lived in China. It had a distinctive head crest which it probably used in courting. Monolophosaurus was a lightly build and agile predator that hunted in packs.

Paleo Chronicles

It was a small to medium sized carnivore that measured 16 – 18 feet in length and weighed around 500 – 700 kilograms. It had long serrated teeth that could tear of flesh effectively. Evidence suggests that it lived alongside rivers and shorelines and hunted in packs to bring down prey larger than itself

In Game Attributes

Monolophosaurus can cause bleed in its prey and it is quite agile as well. It has the least amount of health in its class but its light build makes it easy to hide.

Preferred Biomes

  • Hushed Forests
  • Grasslands
  • Ancient Woods