Size: 11 – 14 Feet
Weight: 500 – 700 Kilograms
Habitat: Hushed Forests, Grand River, Grasslands


Inostrancevia was the largest of the Gorgonopsids and it was a ferocious and formidable hunter. It had prominent canines that were up to 6 inches long in its upper jaw and it was about the size of a large bear. Combining power and speed, Inostrancevia was likely the apex predator in its time period.

Paleo Chronicles

Inostrancevia lived in the late Permian period and was 11 – 14 feet in length and 500 – 700 kilograms in weight. It had short legs but it could have run at respectable speeds. Preying on armored prey like Scutasaurus, it would have had a powerful bite as well.

In Game Attributes

Fearsome in appearance and temperament, Inostrancevia is a powerful predator that has high damage and health. It is a very tough and agile predator that can bring down prey bigger than itself in groups.

Preferred Biomes

  • Hushed Forests
  • Grasslands
  • Grand River