Size: 25 – 33 feet
Weight: 4 tons
Habitat: Grand River, Grasslands, Carnian Swamps, Hushed Forests, Anceint Woods


An early Sauropodomorph, Glacialisaurus is a poorly understood dinosaur. It had a distinct appearance and looked like a mix between a therapod and the long-necked sauropods.

Paleo Chronicles

Glacialisaurus lived in the early Jurassic period and is known from only a partial hind limb and a left femur. Its exact size is unknown but it could have been 25 – 33 feet long and weighed around 4 tons. It is speculated to have been present around the same time as the more advanced sauropods. Although it was a herbivore, there are suggestions that it could have snacked on small creatures as well.

In Game Attributes

Glacialisaurus is quite fast and it can outrun most predators. Its damage is average at best and its health is also mediocre. Where this creature truly shines is in its talent tree. Glacialisaurus has a very diverse choice of talents that can increase its adaptability to new heights. This enables it to survive in any environment and equips it with some neat tricks against predators as well.

Preferred Biomes

  • Grand River
  • Grasslands
  • Carnian Swamps
  • Hushed Forests
  • Anceint Woods