Size: 85 – 115 Feet
Weight: 10 – 16 Tons
Habitat: Ancient Woods, Grand River, Carnian Swamps


One of the longest dinosaurs ever discovered, Diplodocus lived in North America during the late Jurassic period. The third largest dinosaur in the game, Diplodocus is faster and more agile than the Argentinosaurus.

Paleo Chronicles

Diplodocus was 85 to 115 feet long and weighed around 10 to 16 tons. It had a very long whip like tail that it likely used in fending of carnivores. It had a row of spines across its back and small peg like teeth in its mouth. Diplodocus was unique in that it was able to eat a wide variety of flora that included aquatic plants as well.

In Game Attributes

Diplodocus has comparatively low health when compared to Argentinosaurus but it is considerably faster with faster attack speed. It is unaffected by the speed debuff in Carnian Swamps and it can feed on submerged plants. It can be overwhelmed by packs of larger carnivores and its stamina is average at best.

Preferred Biomes

  • Ancient Woods
  • Grand River
  • Carnian Swamps