Size: 36 – 43 Feet
Weight: 4 – 6 Tons
Habitat: Ancient Woods, Grasslands, Grand River


One of the largest therapods that roamed in the lands that would later become China, Chilantaisaurus is a behemoth that lived during the late Cretaceous. It fed on large herbivores and was likely a very active predator. Not much is known about this dinosaur as it is poorly understood and even its taxonomical position is under debate.

Paleo Chronicles

Chilantaisaurus was a large therapod that attained lengths of 36 – 43 feet and 4 – 6 tons in weight. Unusually it had large well-developed forearms with sharp talons, a feature that is commonly present in Spinosaurids. It had muscular forelimbs that might have enabled it bursts of high speed. It has been speculated that it played the role of an active hunter as well as a scavenger.

In Game Attributes

Taking the role of the generalist in its class, Chilantaisaurus has contemporary stats that enables it to survive in a variety of situations. Its large forearms can aid it in snatching fish from the surface of water and it can inflict decent damage as well. However, it has the second lowest health in its class and it can fall prey to larger carnivores in direct shuffles.

Preferred Biomes

  • Ancient woods
  • Grasslands
  • Grand River