Size: 25 – 28 Tons
Weight: Around 2 Tons
Habitat: Grasslands, Grand River


A truly fearsome predator made popular through movies and cartoons, Carnotaurus was the raging bull amongst dinosaurs. A predator that combined speed and power, Carnotaurus was a medium sized carnivore that preyed on anything smaller than itself. The fastest carnivore in the game, Carnotaurus can use its attributes to hunt down anything smaller than itself.

Paleo Chronicles

Carnotaurus lived in the late Cretaceous and measured 25 – 28 feet long and weighed around 2 tons. It had very short and stubby forearms that were practically useless. It had bony protrusions on its skull, like small horns, that were probably used in courting as they were too small and blunt to be used in combat. Carnotaurus was probably the fastest therapod with a top speed of 50 – 60 kmph.

In Game Attributes

Carnotaurus is very fast and agile with average health and damage. It has very high stamina and a relatively short growth time. It is home in the grasslands and open places where it can use its speed to its advantage.

Preferred Biomes

  • Grasslands
  • Grand River