Size: 10 feet
Weight: 50 – 60 kilograms
Habitat: Carnian Swamps, Grand River, Hushed Forests


One of the most ancient predators found in Pangaea, Anthracosaurus existed in the Carboniferous era. It was a mostly aquatic predator that resembled an eel with limbs.

Paleo Chronicles

Anthracosaurus was a large predator for its time, measuring 10 feet in length with a 1.4-foot-long skull. Its jaws were packed with large teeth that would have made it capable of taking on prey larger than fish. It belongs to an order of stem tetrapods called Embolomeri. It was probably a very fast swimmer that used undulating eel like movements while swimming.

In Game Attributes

The fastest swimmer in the game, Anthracosaurus is extremely aggressive in nature which compensates for its mediocre health and slow speed on land. It can do really high damage and can also inflict bleed which it can use to take down small terrestrial prey. They can inhabit underwater caves and have a large oxygen meter as well. However, it can still be killed easily by anything larger than itself due to its low health and sluggish nature on land.

Preferred Biomes

  • Carnian Swamps
  • Grand River
  • Hushed Forests