Size: 33 – 39 Feet
Weight: 2 – 3 Tons
Habitat: Grasslands, Grand River


A very popular and well known therapod, Allosaurus was a vicious and effective predator that preyed on herbivores as large as Stegosaurus. Distinctive for its eye ridges and large forearms, Allosaurus was an agile predator that roamed in the Jurassic period.

Paleo Chronicles

Allosaurus belonged to the Allosauridae family and grew to 33 – 39 feet in length and 2 – 3 tons in weight. It had razor sharp teeth in its jaws but a low bite force. To compensate for its lack of power, researchers speculate that the Allosaurus used its jaws like a hatchet to cause heavy bleeding in its prey. Its skull was probably designed to strike prey in this manner and it could open its jaws very wide as well. It had a lean build and could attain speeds of 30 – 55 kmph.

In Game Attributes

Allosaurus is the fastest dinosaur in its class and it can inflict the highest bleed damage in the game. Its base damage however is the lowest of the bunch and it has the least amount of health as well.

Preferred Biomes

  • Grasslands
  • Grand River